Portraits of the collaborative-self: “this is not about having your picture taken”

• Hayward has invented a kind of portraiture that invites his subjects to be full collaborators in their own self-definition. 
  No wonder they respond with such passion.  – carter ratcliff, art critic, author of The Fate of a Gesture: Jackson Pollock
  and Postwar American Art.
• …amazing and enticing portraits. – richard merkin, VANITY FAIR
• Bill Hayward’s work is portraiture for the new century.timothy mcdarrah, ASPP


• Hayward has devised a means to finger-print the imagination with forensic exactitude. david cohen, artcritical


• Portraits on the cutting edge.-  james kaufman, PHOTOGRAPHER’S FORUM


• Bill Hayward’s portraits are about the face behind the face. –  Jacqueline Micucci, SOHO STYLE


willem dafoe